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If you are reading this article, then I guess you either don't know me personally, or you just wish to find out more about who I am without talking to me in person ;)

Either way welcome and I do hope this site is interesting enough for you.

I have been thinking through what exactly should be shared here, what makes me, me.

Who am I? where do I find my identity?


I have lived in various places here in the UK, here are the main 3

(Pictures of Birmingham, London and Wales)

http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8311/7920239002_07d15026af_z.jpg http://cdn.londonandpartners.com/visit/london-organisations/houses-of-parliament/63950-640x360-london-icons2-640.jpg http://www.warstore.co.uk/ekmps/shops/marlina/images/cymru-wales-3-x-2-flag-4322-p.jpg


I love my family, I am the youngest of 4 (2 brothers and 1 sister), but I have also been a proud uncle since I was 14 years old.

As a family we have been through good times and some rough challenging times, but when all is said and done we are always their for eachother when it matters.

(Family Photos)


I hated school, I was bulied for large parts of my high school days, which left me struggling with anger and self hatred.

(school pic and bullied teen)

I have had many Jobs and worked in varied positions for a number of companies. 

At the age of 18 I left home and joined Youth for Christ, and spent 2 years in Greenwhich (London) YFC doing school lessons, assemblies, lunch clubs and church clubs,

At 20 I moved to East Ham and spent a further 2 years as the youth pastor for a church in Beckton.

By the time I left at 22 my life was a mess.....  I was battling depression, searing anger, and God was loving me breaking the chains of addictions in my life that had taken hold as coping mechanisms.  That's not to say that my experience in London was all bad, I had a great time in ministry with young people, but God needed me to deal with the issues of my past long since buried.

Durng that time of healing I worked at a local Iceland store as a Stock supervisor and duty manager, I did this for 4 years before I was poached by Sainsbury's next door to be a department manager. 

That lasted 6 months, it was not that I could not do it, but they wanted more than I was willing to give.  They expected my life in return for the pay cheque and to be honest I was far more concerned with what God wanted from me.

So I joined Operation Mobilisation.  Paul my oldest brother was working in the I.T. Department at the time, and OM needed someone good with computers to do data entry in the finance office.  So taking a £6000 per year pay cut, thats what I did for the next 4 years.  It was good to be a part of OM, they accepted me for who I was and helped continue to shape me into the person I am becoming.  They let me lead worship, and showed grace even when I played the guitar really badly.  I have improved but it's not my greatest strength ;).  They let me lead prayers and devotions, and guided me with constructive critisism and lively theological debates.

I love to worship God with voice and guitar, I love to speak about Gods word, becasue after all I am a literal, black and white, straight talking, whole truth, inerrant inspired word of God, Bible believing, Jesus loving Christian.

I love walking because I find wildlife and the beauty of Gods creation amazing and love to take photographs when ever I can. 

Right now I still work for OMUK but I have moved into the I.T. Department as my brother left and well this is just a better fit for my skills and passions, but outside of OM I still

  • Help lead a youth Cafe called Rocksalt,
  • Run a youth drama group called Hairy Feet,
  • Co-lead with Meg a local ACTFORJUSTICE group which raises awareness of Human Trafficking within the UK and raises money for Hope for Justice.
  • Lead a sunday school class
  • Build Joomla based websites
  • I am chairman of the board of Trustees for a local charity
  • I am also a trustee for Rocksalt

I have been saved from my anger and depression, God continues to set me free from sin and addictions that hold my life back and together with my beautiful wife Meg, we look forward to serving God wherever he calls us.  Right now we continue on here in the OMUK HQ providing essential behind the scenes support, and we are so thankful to be part of such an amazing ministry.  We also continue to serve the Church locally while we are here in anyway God enables us to do so.

All these things are important, and have helped shape the decisions I have made...

I am a literal, black and white, straight talking, Whole truth, inerrant inspired word of God, Bible believing, Jesus loving Christian.